Social Media Shitstorms

A book about origins, case studies and facts about social media crises and their consequences for crisis management.

With social networks on the rise, the entire advertising and marketing industry is undergoing a fundamental change. In an attempt to cope with an entirely new way of customer interaction, social media managers made crisis communications one of the most frequently discussed topics in this field. An increasingly important aspect in this regard are social media crises, which have been around for many years now. Current research, however, is found to be focused almost exclusively on crisis management – to handle a crisis when it already broke out – while lacking insights on the exact origins of crises.

Buch Social Media Shitstorms

Through an empirical analysis of 30 crisis cases, this book investigates the epicenters of social media crises and provides a scientific basis for future crisis management. The crises or shitstorms in this paper are analyzed on the channels of origin, the triggers of the crises, and the causes for the outbreak.

Digital Strategist Christian Faller explores the epicenters of social media crises, including which network they originated on, the most common triggers and the top 10 causes of the crises. And some of the results are pretty surprising.

There is no telling what impact crises will have on your business when you face it unprepared. Use the info in this book to get a general idea about the problem, and start collecting ideas for your own pre-crisis planning.


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